Steering Wheels - T500, Logitech G27, Logitech GT

GT Driving Wheel

Force GT racing game wheel

Accomplish your best acceleration with Force GT Racing Wheel for PS 2 and PlayStation3. With realistic ergonomics and numerous modifiable functionalities, you feel self-confident on any speedway or in any race car you choose.

T500 RS Wheel

Thrustmaster RS driving wheel

The T500 game racing wheel is an advanced wheel with five axes and a clutch pedal for a more real life-like driving experience. It features ten functionality buttons, 3 aluminum pedals, and is suitable with the PlayStation3 versions of Dirt II and SuperCar Challenge. If you want to experience racing as if you were there on the race circuit yourself, then you better grab the Thrustmaster T500 RS car racing simulator so that you can have the race of your life.

Logitech G27 Steering Wheel

G27 navigation wheel

Logitech G27 sports a twin-engine force feedback structure and a 6-speed gear shifter, your racing experience will be so realistic to a point that you believe you are steering an actual car.